Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and others have greatness thrust upon them.

- Shakespeare


As lawyer by education. Had served as a Senior Executive for over 25 years. Headed the Personnel and HR functions of large organizations. Has been trained in Japan on Motivation and Productivity. A prolific writer. Has written hundreds of articles in leading newspapers and periodicals such as The Hindu, The Indian Express, 'Tuklak' etc. Has appeared on leading TV channels in India and UK hundreds of times on Self Development and education related subjects. Winner of Ishikawa Essay Contest twice conducted by Asian Productivity Organization, Tokyo, Japan. Has authored over 25 books and DVDs in English, Tamil and Hindi.

N. C. Sridharan has been trained by the world's best NLP trainers such as Charles Faulkner, David Gordon, Steve Andreas, Connirae Andreas, Judith DeLozier, Shelle Rose Charvet, Robert Mc Donald, Tamara Andreas, Lara Ewing, Garry Faris, Lynda Fudold, Tom Best, Joseph O' Connor, Kelly Gerling, Tim Hallbom, Gerry Schmidt, Suzi Smith, Chris Freeman, etc.

Has undergone intensive NLP training at NLP Comprehensive, CO, USA. Holds a double Masters Certification in NLP and an Advanced Certificate in NLP from NLP Comprehensive, CO, USA. Has served as Coach for NLP Certification.

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