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Pebbles Phonics - English Sounds For Kids (DVD) View larger

Pebbles Phonics - English Sounds For Kids (DVD)

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Better Your Kid's Pronunciation Skills....! Pebbles presented "Phonics Learning Vol-1", a DVD for the kiddies, to learn and apply the letters to read or spell words in English. The English alphabets have names and the letters have sounds. "Phonics" looks at the sounds that letters make and puts them together to read words. In this DVD, the kids are exposed to the sounds that letters make. Step by step, the sounds of letters and their pronunciation are introduced to the kids for easy learning. By this, the kids can have a comfortable entry into the world of Phonics and become conversant with the words. Phonics Learning for Kids * Preamble * Beginning sounds * Activity1 * Activity2 * Ending sounds * Activity1 * Activity2 * Middle sounds * Activity1 * Activity2 * Rhyming Words at, an, ad, ap, aw, ed, it, ig, ip, in, id, ib, ot, og, ow, ut, un * Sight words the, is, and, this, a, my, by, that, on, in * Phrases & Sentences

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